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Vital Equipments Calibration L.L.C have value added special service of performing Temperature mapping and validation study as per international standard of WHO guidelines. Our engineers are highly experienced in a wide variety of equipment from Ultra Low Freezers to Dry Heat Ovens. Also, we perform Temperature mapping & Validation service for all medical cold chain, temperature-controlled storage areas like Cold Room, Reefer Vehicles, Warehouse – ambient storage area etc., by using high accuracy wireless data loggers with valid calibration certificate. We work to Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). We work with Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Life science companies and Food & beverages industries etc.

We perform IQOQ, PQ and Requalification on Temperature Controlled Areas as per
WHO guidelines.

We support our customers for preparing Protocols and SOP and also, we can advise on acceptance criteria which is tailored to your critical process parameters, from the User Requirement Specification (URS) through to the Installation Qualification Operational Qualification (IQOQ), Performance Qualification (PQ) and the ongoing Requalification (RQ).

Cold Storage area – As per WHO standard

Temperature Controlled-Storage area – As per WHO standard

Freezer Box – As per WHO standard

Reefer Trailers / Refrigerated Vehicles– As per WHO standard

Ice box – As per WHO standard

Ultra-Low Freezers (-80°C) – Mapping & Calibration Procedure

Laboratory Incubators / Chambers. – Mapping & Calibration Procedure

Stability Chambers. – Mapping & Calibration Procedure

Laboratory Refrigerator. – Mapping & Calibration Procedure

Laboratory Oven. – Mapping & Calibration Procedure

Laboratory Autoclave. – Mapping & Calibration Procedure

Tunnel &
Cold Store &
& incubator
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